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When we first started gardening and growing our own crops, we were overwhelmed by the many, many questions we had. What kind of soil do you need? What kind of vegetables should you plant where? And when? How do you water your plants? What do you need to get started?

Become a gardening expert

A great solution to overcome feeling overwhelmed and give you a plan of (garden) attack, is to take a gardening course. Yes, they do exist! You can probably find gardening courses in your area, but you can also go for online courses. They offer the convenience of taking them whenever you have the time and pause whenever you need to take notes or try something out.

We personally followed so many courses over the years to learn specific skills, also outside of gardening, that we love to share some of those great courses with you. Below we discuss both free and paid online gardening courses you can take advantage of right now!

Best paid online gardening courses

Cheap courses for beginner gardeners

These courses are perfect for first time or novice growers. It starts with the basics and will help you set up your vegetable garden. Take your time to watch the videos, make notes, and start working as you’re watching.

Udemy offers a very accessible teaching platform for all kinds of courses.

Gardening courses by Learning with Experts

If you’re looking for the best value for money courses, this is the place to be. Whether you want to design your dream garden, grow your own flowers or become fully self sufficient with your own vegetable garden, it’s all there.

The Learning by Experts platform offers one of the best learning experiences we’ve seen so far. The tutors are of a very high level, you’re able to assess what you’ve learned after each lesson and you can enroll at any time. On top of that, you also get access to a community and can ask for feedback while you’re learning. Check out these popular gardening courses.

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Photo credits: Learn From Experts

Ron Finley’s gardening MasterClass course

This special Ron Finley’s gardening course is definitely our personal favorite! ‘The gangster gardener’ (sounds cool, right?) is a true gardening guru. Not only does he teach you how to grow in different circumstances, but he’s also a true gardening activist. Ron Finley has used gardening to improve the communities around the world. To give people the power of growing their own food and to make them less dependent on other factors. He’s promoting a planting revolution and has made a beautiful online course that will leave you motivated, inspired, and halfway through planting your vegetables before the class is even done.

The only downside of the MasterClass courses is the fact that you need the $200 annual subscription, including all 85+ courses in a variety of disciplines. So, there’s no option to buy an individual course. However, all the MasterClass courses are truly exceptional, taught by the best of the best. And be honest, who doesn’t want to learn cooking by Gordon Ramsay or acting by Natalie Portman?

Check out Ron Finley’s gardening MasterClass here.

Best vegetable gardening courses

Are you focussing on growing vegetables all year long? Learn when you need to sow your seeds and seedlings to give your veggies the best survival chances. Discover the joy of getting your hands dirty and the pride you’ll feel when you harvest your first zucchini, eggplant or tomato!

Best indoor gardening courses

Don’t have a big backyard? Looking to grow some indoor vegetables? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to grow indoors. Spruce up your cooking with homegrown herbs, spices and vegetables. These courses will get you started!

Best free online gardening courses

Of course, YouTube offers a lot of free information, and is great to answer very specific questions or techniques. We’ve used it a lot and have listed some interesting beginner videos below.

While these individual gardening tips and tricks are very helpful, we still feel that an actual course offers many benefits. Mostly because it walks you through each step and guides you along the way. Most paying courses are very reasonably priced and can give you a head start!

Start a vegetable garden

A short video with some great gardening tips by the lovely Carrie Rad.

How to start gardening and grow your own food

A great beginner’s video for learning and getting motivated! Our friends at Roots & Refuge Farm help anyone who has the desire to start growing food but feels overwhelmed at the onset of learning how to garden.

Easy to grow vegetables

We’ve discussed the topic before in our own beginner’s guide on growing vegetables, but here’s a video by the Australian Self Sufficient Me. Enjoy these 5 vegetables that are too easy to grow!

If you have found other courses you love, feel free to let us know in the comments below so we can add them to the list!