wooden greenhouse for plants and vegetables

Wooden greenhouses are unfortunately becoming more and more rare and are often replaced by aluminum greenhouse structures. I’m personally a big fan of the natural look of a wooden greenhouse, but we can’t deny aluminum greenhouses offer certain advantages that  wood greenhouse kits just don’t. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden greenhouse.

Advantages of a wooden greenhouse

Not only does the natural look usually complement your backyard better than an aluminum one, due to the weight of the greenhouse, there’s no need to foresee extra anchoring against the wind. An aluminum greenhouse is a lot lighter and has a greater risk of being swept away by a storm. A wooden greenhouse frame will provide natural insulation for your greenhouse. When the wood is heated by the sun during the day, it will hold this heat at night and this will benefit your energy spendings in your greenhouse, especially during winter.
Wooden greenhouses are also often used in the mini greenhouse variety, as these will beautifully compliment your balcony or kitchen.

Disadvantages of a wooden greenhouse

The most important reason why wooden greenhouse kits are less and less common is because the price is usually a lot higher than when you buy an aluminum greenhouse. If you want to have good quality wood, the structure is usually built out of Canadian Cedar wood. This is a strong material that is well protected against humidity and doesn’t suffer when it has to endure large temperature differences.

Another reason why aluminum greenhouses have gained more and more popularity is because the wooden beams that build the structure are wider than the aluminum rods, these will let your plants receive the biggest possible amount of sunshine.

The last benefit of an aluminum greenhouse compared to a wooden greenhouse is the durability of the greenhouse. Aluminum greenhouses don’t rust and need a minimum of maintenance. An aluminum greenhouse will last you many more years than a wooden one.

When is a wooden greenhouse the right pick for me?

Are you still trying to decide whether the aesthetics of a wooden greenhouse weigh up against the disadvantages? Let us help you decide!

  • When you live in a dry environment, the wood won’t suffer as much from the humidity and temperature difference, which eliminates a big disadvantage
  • If price is not an issue for you or you are willing to pay a little extra for the natural look
  • When you are looking for a mini or indoor greenhouse, a wood greenhouse kit is perfect. When it’s placed inside or on a balcony, it will most likely be far less exposed to the elements which will increase its lifespan
  • When you aren’t planning on heating your greenhouse or this is for some reason impossible for you, it might be worth to consider the natural insulation advantages of a wooden greenhouse.

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