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While wooden greenhouses stand out because of their natural design, most greenhouse frames are made out of aluminum.

The benefits of an aluminum greenhouse

  • The main reason to choose an aluminum frame instead of a wooden model, is the price. Aluminum offers great quality for a very reasonable price.
  • Aluminum greenhouse frames come in many different colors, such as grey, green, black and brown. Just pick the color that suits your taste and backyard best.
  • While wooden greenhouses give you that nice, natural look, aluminum frames are more durable. They don’t rust, or soften and will last you many, many years.
  • Aluminum is a very light material, which makes it easier to assemble and move your greenhouse.

These days, most greenhouse frames are made out of aluminum, which will give you the biggest choice. The amount of size and shapes is huge, you’re sure to find an aluminum greenhouse that fits your taste!

Panels of an aluminum greenhouse

An aluminum greenhouse is usually combined with polycarbonate side and roof panels. Like aluminum, these are strong and durable. There’s usually a choice between clear panels or milky ones. Depending on the amount of sunlight your greenhouse will receive and the climate you live in, you need to decide whether you need to maximize the amount of sun beams entering your greenhouse (clear panels) or protect it from overheating (milky panels).

Some aluminum frames are combined with glass panels. These glass greenhouses have a luxurious appearance and are strong and durable. However, the price of these models will be a lot higher than the polycarbonate greenhouse. Take a look at our glass greenhouse article, to figure out if this is the right pick for you!

Aluminum greenhouse sizes

Since most greenhouses are currently made out of aluminum, there are many models available in just about every size. Whether you’re looking for a mini greenhouse or a 8’x20’ model, most manufacturers offer more than one model per size. The mostly used hobby aluminum greenhouse size is 8’x6’. When you’re deciding on which size will suit you best, there’s only one important rule: your greenhouse will feel too small, really fast! Trust us on this one and maybe go one size bigger than you think you’ll need. Let us give you a hand on deciding the perfect greenhouse size for your needs!

Aluminum greenhouse price

A basic aluminum greenhouse kit of about 6’x8’ will start around $500. Depending on the size, and the level of high-quality finishing the price will increase. We’ll help you get started with some of our favorite models per price category!

Aluminium greenhouse under $500

Aluminium greenhouse under $1000

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Aluminum greenhouse under $2000

Aluminum greenhouse with glass panels

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