glass victorian greenhouse in garden

What’s more beautiful than a traditional Victorian greenhouse? They originated in the yard of British country houses as one of the eyecatchers of the lands. The real glass Victorian greenhouse is situated on the more pricey end of the greenhouse spectrum, but they are worth their while. Do you have a big yard with room for a beautiful show piece? Go for a Victorian greenhouse and enjoy growing yummie vegetables year round.

The Victorian era greenhouse

Victorian greenhouses have been around since the 17th Century and originated in the UK. The concept of greenhouses however, was invented by the Romans. Soon the style was adopted by the Netherlands and other European nations.

The graceful and romantic style is found in the details:

  • The glass is often sandblasted in a particular motive
  • The ridge in the roof is extra accentuated by the curly ornaments
  • Sometimes part of the Victorian style greenhouse is decorated as a seating area

Advantages and disadvantages

Not only is a Victorian style greenhouse a sight for sore eyes, it’s also a highly functional and strong greenhouse. It perfectly combines elegance and functionality and it’s a greenhouse that will last you many, many years. The high quality glass offers a great protection against the wind and other climate factors. The ornaments on the roof were originally designed to keep birds from sitting, and thus relieving themselves, on your greenhouse.

A Victorian greenhouse is always made out of glass. Although it’s one of the main reasons for the high price, glass does have some strong benefits compared to plastic:

  • A more constant temperature
  • Better light transmission and warmth absorption
  • Glass is a very durable material, the average glass greenhouse has a longer lifespan than its plastic competitors
  • Glass greenhouses offer a better control of humidity

The main disadvantage of a traditional Victorian greenhouse is the price. For a standard size greenhouse you will pay around $5.000 but the bigger and more decorated greenhouses soon cost up to $10.000 or more.

We know the price is high, but when you’re looking for a long term investment and a high class greenhouse, this is the perfect pick for you!

Best glass Victorian greenhouses

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