A luxury greenhouse is a stylish, beautiful addition to your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a modern greenhouse, an orangery or a full on Victorian greenhouse, there are many luxurious greenhouse options.

In this article, we run you through the different styles and types of luxury greenhouses.

Victorian greenhouses

Victorian greenhouses are the ultimate example of British style and class. They originated in the 17th century in the UK and were soon adopted by the Netherlands and France. A Victorian greenhouse perfectly combines class and functionality. The graceful and romantic style is found in the specific details. The ridge in the roof is extra accentuated by curly ornaments and the glass often is often sandblasted in a particular motive.

A true Victorian greenhouses or glasshouse, as it was originally called, has always been made out of glass. This is the biggest difference between these greenhouses and other luxury greenhouses. Almost all others these days are made out of polycarbonate (a strong kind of plastic) panels, Victorian greenhouses stick to the classic horticultural glass. While it may seem that a glass greenhouse is less strong or sturdy than a polycarbonate one, the opposite is true. Glass offers some clear advantages versus plastic:

  • Durability: glass is a very durable material and has a longer lifespan than plastic
  • A more constant temperature
  • Better light transmission and warmth absorption
  • Glass greenhouses offer a better control of humidity

The biggest downside of a glass greenhouse? The price. While it will probably last you a lifetime, longer than the average polycarbonate greenhouse, the initial investment is substantial.

Are you ready for a touch of British class in your backyard? Take a look at our favorite Victorian greenhouses

Janssens Junior Orangerie 13 x 10.25-Foot Greenhouse Kit
The Junior Victorian Greenhouse provides the ideal, year-round, gardening environment while combining Old World Style with modern European engineering and craftsmanship. The elegant black aluminum framework, tempered glass panels and inside height give you a beautiful greenhouse while providing you with a comfortable interior workspace.
Janssens Royal Victorian VI23 Greenhouse with 10mm Polycarbonate
The Victorian Greenhouse is one of the premier greenhouses in the 'Helios' line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. This company has been making high-end glass greenhouses for over 30 years. Since the introduction of the Victorian model, in 1999, they have become a leading supplier of this style of greenhouse in Europe. We are proud to now be the USA distributor of this very fine greenhouse.

Luxury English style greenhouses

So maybe you really want to go for a luxurious, British look in your backyard but you don’t have the budget to invest in a true Victorian greenhouse? Not to worry! These days there are many polycarbonate greenhouses that offer a similar luxurious look and feel to the Victorian greenhouses, without the price tag. Sounds good? Take a look at our favorite English style greenhouses.

Luxury modern greenhouses

Do your home and garden have more of a modern look and feel? Do you like wood, straight lines and/or sleek design? While the original greenhouses all had a similar style to them, recently many alternatives have come up.

Wooden greenhouses

A luxurious wooden greenhouse has a beautiful look and is an original choice compared to the more classic designs. It will give your backyard a natural look and blend in with nature. Greenhouse wood is treated to withstand the elements and is therefore a safe choice. However, aluminum frames will always be more durable than wood, because aluminum is less likely to deteriorate under weather conditions. A modern, wooden greenhouse is the perfect pick when you live in a dry area and aren’t planning on heating your greenhouse. When you are looking for a heated greenhouse, our other luxurious picks are a better match for you!

Sunshine Gardenhouse Redwood Frame Polycarbonate Greenhouse
Every Gardeners Dream Sunshine GardenHouse is charming, easy to build and affordable. Made in the USA, our greenhouse kits are built strong, made with natural redwood frames and virtually unbreakable twin-wall polycarbonate. Ideal for extending the season, over wintering plants, seed starting or gardening when the weather is foul.
NW Green Panels Premium 8x16 D Greenhouse
Internal space, all incense cedar handmade, walk-in greenhouse, modular by design for easy expansion or move. This greenhouse accommodates any level of gardening experience. It comes with a heat-activated ridge-line auto-vent. They use all poly-carbonate dual-wall glazing, made and sourced in America, which comes with a 10-year guarantee against discoloration or defects. Simple assembly, tested in the harshest of elements, and their greenhouse was voted Best in the West by Sunset magazine.
Gabriel Ash Portico Series Greenhouse
The Portico Series of greenhouses are made from Western Red Cedar, which is a stable and long-lasting wood often used in harsh climates where strength is a necessity. When red cedar absorbs moisture, its naturally occurring preservatives are triggered and the moisture is quickly released into the air, helping to give red cedar its longevity. All of the red cedar used for these greenhouses comes from certified or sustainable forests.

Garden igloo

A garden what now? Yep, a garden igloo is a real thing! Whether you want to decorate it as a sitting area, a play area or a greenhouse, a garden igloo is pretty cool. Perfect for modern style backyards and outside chilling!

Product unavailable.

Inspiration for modern, luxury greenhouses

The number of styles and designs in greenhouses are countless. While browsing online we came across so many creative designs and we want to build them all! While the greenhouses above are all greenhouse kits, the ones below are either to be installed by a professional or completely DIY! Take a look and pick the perfect greenhouse for your backyard!

lauri krantz deer proof vegetable garden diy luxury greenhouse
Photo source: gardenista.com

Did you fall in love with one of these luxury greenhouses? We sure did!