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What is a lean to greenhouse?

A lean to greenhouse is a greenhouse that is built against the side of another structure. This means it has 3 walls of its own and shares one wall with another building. This other building will most likely be your home, but can also be a shed in your backyard or another structure.

A lean to greenhouse consists of the same materials as a regular greenhouse. When you are choosing the perfect model for you, you will mostly likely choose between a polycarbonate lean to greenhouse and a glass lean to greenhouse. The advantages and disadvantages of both materials are explained at length in our greenhouse beginners guide. All options for regular greenhouses are also available for lean to greenhouses, for example greenhouse heating and greenhouse insulation. Whether you are looking for a small addition to your yard or want to buy a lean to greenhouse that can be used as a sun room, we’re sure there’s a perfect option for everyone!

Advantages of a lean to greenhouse

When you have a smaller backyard but enough space around your house, it’s possible to build your greenhouse directly against your outside wall. It’s the perfect solution when you don’t have enough room to place a greenhouse in the middle of your yard or when you want to organise your greenhouse to double as a sun room to enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by fresh herbs and flowers all year long.

The biggest advantages of choosing a lean to greenhouse are the following:

  • Because you are only investing in a 3 sided greenhouse, you can get more value for your money than when you choose a 4 sided greenhouse that goes in the middle of your yard. Because you build it against your steady outside wall, the other 3 sides can be a little lighter
  • Easy access to electricity and water in your greenhouse
  • You need less room to build a lean to greenhouse and you will have a lot of options in smaller models
  • They are perfect for growing herbs and smaller vegetables
  • They are very weatherproof as they are protected by your house and are less exposed to the elements

In general a lot of people will choose a lean to greenhouse to save space and possibly money, but of course there’s also a lot of larger and more expensive models. When you have the budget and the room, you can connect your greenhouse through a direct door and it can double as a seating area to enjoy the sun all year long.
Make sure you check the carrying capacity of the wall you’re building your greenhouse against and consult with an architect if you want to install a larger greenhouse. In some countries you will even need a building permit, make sure you are well informed before you start your expansion!

The most important disadvantage is that there’s only light and sun coming in on 3 sides, and not through all sides as in a freestanding greenhouse, but given the right positioning this is perfectly fixable.

Where you should you place your lean to greenhouse?

Where you should place the greenhouse depends on a variety of factors:

  • How much room do you have on either sides of your house?
  • How big do you want your greenhouse to be?
  • The orientation of your house – take into account what kind of plants you want to grow. Classically, the most commonly used orientation is southern, but if that’s not possible on your house don’t worry about it. Just try to make sure your greenhouse gets as much sun as possible during winter. Also know that when your greenhouse is oriented to the South, you will need more cooling during hot summer days, so be prepared to invest in ventilation.
  • On which sides do you have electricity and water that could be easily transferred to your greenhouse?

You can go as big as you want or as small as you want. You can connect the greenhouse to the house with a door or just use the wall to lean on and have a separate door on the outside. When you choose a ‘lean to greenhouse’ model, most other factors you need to decide on will stay the same as in any other greenhouse, such as the choice of material, the size and the accessories. Take a look at our greenhouse beginners guide to help you decide on what kind of greenhouse suits you best.

If you have decided that a lean to greenhouse is your way to go, we will get you started with some interesting models underneath.

Best lean to greenhouse under 1000 dollars

flower house fhcv900 conservatory greenhouse clearPalram Hybrid Lean-to Wall Greenhouse, 4' x 8' SilverCheck price
Strong Camel Walk-in Lean-to Wall Greenhouse 10x5x7' WhiteCheck price

Best lean to greenhouse over 1000 dollars

flower house fhcv900 conservatory greenhouse clearRion Sun Room 2, 8' x 14'Check price
flower house fhcv900 conservatory greenhouse clearRion Sun Room 2 Greenhouse, 6' x 14'Check price