best greenhouse kits to buy in the market in 2020

Never did we expect last year to take such a strange turn. The Corona crisis has made the world a different place. However, it seems more and more people are discovering the joy of homegrown vegetables. A greenhouse will let you take home growing to the next level and enjoy gardening all year long. In this article we’ll discuss the best greenhouse kits to buy this year.

Maybe you’re quite the handy (wo)man and want to build a greenhouse from scratch. If you are an enthusiastic DIY’er, there’s plenty of manuals to find online to start building. If you are like me and prefer to receive a detailed plan and all the parts in one delivery, you’ll find a wide range of greenhouse kits. It will still be cheaper than having a company install the greenhouse for you, but you will need fewer tools and equipment. Delivered to your doorstep, with manuals and customer support you can contact. That’s my kind of DIY.

A special mention goes to the Palram greenhouse kits. You’ll find one in nearly every category underneath. When it comes to budget friendly versus quality, they are the absolute winner in the greenhouse world. A Palram greenhouse kit is affordable, sturdy and we really like the designs. In case you want to research this brand a little more, we have written an entire article on Palram greenhouses.

The perfect greenhouse kit for your needs?

When you’re researching the possibility of placing a greenhouse in your backyard, we realize the number of different styles, sizes and prices can be overwhelming. The perfect greenhouse kit for you will depend on a number of factors:

  • Material – Glass or polycarbonate? A plastic or polycarbonate greenhouse is the most common choice. These plastic greenhouses are easily set up and budget-friendly. However, if you want to go for a more luxurious look and are willing to spend a little more, a glass greenhouse kit can be a great investment to brighten up your yard. Glass greenhouses are very durable and come in beautiful designs.
  • Size – Oh boy… Where do we even begin? Greenhouse kits come in many sizes, they start as small as 4’x4’ and go all the way up to 8’x24’. The most common hobby size is 6’x8’, if you’re looking for a first-time greenhouse kit, this might be a good starting point! Take a look at our article about greenhouse sizes, to find the perfect size for you.
  • Price – A mini greenhouse will cost you less than $100, a semi-professional model can go all the way up to $10.000. In this case, size matters. Glass greenhouses are usually more expensive than plastic or polycarbonate greenhouses. We’ll help you find the best, budget-friendly greenhouse kit you can get in 2024.
  • Lean to or not – A lean to greenhouse kit will be installed against one of the outside walls of your house. The perfect solution when you have a smaller yard or want to benefit from the electricity and water inside your house to easily access the greenhouse. Take a look at our lean to article to see the possibilities of this type of greenhouse.

hobby garden greenhouse kit aluminum glass

Let’s walk you through the best greenhouse kits of 2024!

Best plastic greenhouse kits

When we say plastic greenhouse kits, we mean greenhouses with polycarbonate panels or greenhouses with plastic covers. The polycarbonate panels are strong, durable and budget-friendly. The plastic cover greenhouses are portable and light, but less weather resistant. These plastic cover greenhouses are a good solution to protect your plants in the summer, but won’t withstand winter conditions. Our favorite greenhouse kits are definitely the polycarbonate greenhouses, they come in many different sizes and shapes!

Best small plastic greenhouse kits

Looking for a small greenhouse kit? It kind of all depends on what a small greenhouse means to you. Like we said, greenhouses come in all sizes, but we have listed our favorite smaller options below. When you buy a small greenhouse kit, make sure you think about where and when you want to use it. The portables are only suited to use outside during spring, summer and maybe fall, but have the benefit they can be placed inside during winter. A 6’x6′ Palram greenhouse is an excellent starters greenhouse and probably my favorite in this category. It’s big enough to allow you to grow a good amount of plants, it’s sturdy enough to survive winter (and even grow some winter vegetables) and I like the classic look. Ready to start growing?

Our recommendation:
Outsunny 6’ L x 6’ Walk-in Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse offers a 6 x 6 feet spacious room for plants and tools. This greenhouse is characterized by the adjustable roof, that keeps the room ventilated and provides extra water to the plants with the included rain gutters. The unit is not the easiest to assemble but once in place it is very solid and wind proof.

👍 Advantages

  • Adjustable roof to provide different angles for proper ventilation
  • The material is very solid and wind proof
  • Maximum light transmission
  • Includes rain gutters that brings extra water to the plants
  • Durable design

👎 Disadvantages

  • Complicated to assemble and poor instructions
  • Needs a bit extra securing with self-tapping screws
Our recommendation:
Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

The Nova Microdermabrasion is a small, budget-friendly greenhouse that can be used both indoor and outdoor. The strong metal frame and the waterproof PE cover provide a safe place for the smallest plants. To secure even more, this greenhouse includes ropes and anchors. The included shelves are thin but solid with some extra zip ties and provide plenty of space for plants.

👍 Advantages

  • Strong metal frame with powder coating
  • Waterproof PE cover
  • Ropes and anchors included to secure the greenhouse
  • Eight large shelves included
  • Very budget-friendly option, great greenhouse for starters
  • Takes short time to assemble (30min – 1 hour)
  • Very good reviews 

👎 Disadvantages

  • Thin shelves, might need some small zip ties to secure
  • Can be unstable with strong wind/snow
  • The bottom shelves are not that sturdy
  • Instructions are minimal but not very necessary to install the greenhouse
  • Good idea to secure the plastic with extra tent stakes 
  • Not very much ventilation, only the door
Our recommendation:
Palram Canopia Mythos Hobby Greenhouse, 6′ x 6′ x 7′, Forest Green

The Palram Canopia Mythos Hobby Greenhouse is a lightweight greenhouse that distinguishes itself with their magnetic catch door with lockable handle. Although the greenhouse is not that easy to assemble, once put together it provides a good environment for the plants. The forest green color of the metal base makes the greenhouse perfectly fit in any garden.

👍 Advantages

  • Adjustable roof vent 
  • Door with lockable handle and magnetic catch
  • Provides nice heat and humidity for the plants
  • The polycarbonate panels provide over 70% light transmission with 100% protection from harmful UV rays

👎 Disadvantages

  • Panels don’t fully seal so moisture can get in between
  • Not easy to put together
  • Lightweight material that can bend with strong wind

Best large plastic greenhouse kits

So… These small plastic greenhouses are nice and all but you’re looking for something a little more spectacular? Take a look at the large greenhouse kits underneath. When you add this much growing space to your backyard, the sky really is the limit. Combine herbs, spices, vegetables and even tropical flowers and turn your greenhouse into a sanctuary. Pro tip for a large greenhouse? Add a little reading corner, a perfect hide away during rainy days!

Our recommendation:
Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse, 6′ x 8′ x 7′, Silver

The Palram Hybrid is the perfect greenhouse for everyone who wants to have security and solidity. Although the design is lightweight and a challenge to assemble, it proves to be very sturdy once put together. Snow and wind should not be a problem. The hinged door can be assembled as either right or left hand door to gardener’s preferences.

👍 Advantages

  • Ingenious design
  • Lightweight but very sturdy 
  • Very wind and snow proof
  • Single hinged door can be assembled as either right or left hand door to gardener’s preferences

👎 Disadvantages

  • Takes some time to assemble (around 8 hours)
Our recommendation:
Palram Four Season Chalet, 12 x 8 x 9, Charcoal Gray

The Palram Four Season Chalet might be a little bit more expensive than the other greenhouses in this article, but it has a lot of nice features in return. The large metal design is very strong, once assembled (which might take 2-3 days), thanks to the reinforced double wall. The kit comes with anchoring kit, threshold ramp, two roof vents, galvanized steel base and lockable wide double doors. 

👍 Advantages

  • Reinforced double wall
  • Includes anchoring kit, threshold ramp, two roof vents, galvanized steel base and lockable wide double doors
  • Rust resistant aluminum frame
  • Finished product is very strong
  • Beautiful design

👎 Disadvantages

  • Installation takes some time (2-3 days), the panels are flimsy while building so you need good weather to build
  • Missing some directions of ‘how’ parts fit together
  • Doors are a bit flimsy
  • More expensive

Best lean to greenhouse kits

A lean to greenhouse kit is a greenhouse you build against a wall or another structure. It only has three greenhouse sides and uses your home or garden shed as a fourth wall. The benefit of building a greenhouse up against your house, is that you can easily access water and electricity from your home. Your greenhouse will be more protected from the elements, as your home or shed already protects it from heavy winds.

The most popular lean to greenhouse kit size is 4’x8′, perfect for enough growing space but not too big (and thus affordable). Another, more expensive, option is to build a large lean to greenhouse, that can double as a sun room. You can install a door from your house and enjoy every ray of sunshine a crisp winter day brings you. Combine this sunroom with a growing corner and you’re ready to go!

Our recommendation:
Palram Canopia Hybrid Lean-to Greenhouse – 4′ x 8′ – Silver

The Palram Canopia Hybrid is a crystal clear lean-to greenhouse with a cosy look to it. It provides the perfect room for plants on small properties. The kit includes an adjustable roof vent, rain gutters, lockable hinged door with magnetic catch, aluminum frame, polycarbonate panels and a galvanized steel base.

👍 Advantages

  • Includes adjustable roof vent, rain gutters, lockable hinged door with magnetic catch, aluminum frame, polycarbonate panels and a galvanized steel base
  • Great size for small spaces
  • Sturdy 
  • Looks very cozy

👎 Disadvantages

  • Difficult to assemble, takes two people (6-8 hours)
  • Not very spacious inside
Our recommendation:
Rion Canopia Sun Room, 6′ x 6′, White

The Rion Canopia Sun Room is the ideal lean-to greenhouse to cover your porch, deck or patio entrance. This greenhouse features a hinged side door that can be installed on either end. The roof vent also provides air circulation and the proper temperature for your plants. Be aware that although the design is very strong, the roof of the greenhouse is not snow proof.

👍 Advantages

  • Very sturdy
  • Choice where to install the door
  • Maintains good temperature
  • Hinged side door and roof vent for air circulation

👎 Disadvantages

  • Vent window is not very strong
  • It takes a couple of days to assemble but easy to do so
  • The roof is not snow proof

Best glass greenhouse kits

While most greenhouses these days are made out of plastic, the original British greenhouses were made out of glass. And to be honest… It’s still the classiest greenhouse option on the market. These Victorian greenhouse kits belong to my absolute favorites, but unfortunately, they do come with a price tag. When you’re looking to add a showpiece to your backyard, that will last you many, many years, these Victorian greenhouse kits are the perfect option for you.

The glass in these kits is safety glass and almost as sturdy as plastic, but it will last you longer. Plastic greenhouses might start to fade over time or the panels can become a little faded. A glass greenhouse is not only beautiful and classy, it’s also durable. What do you think? Can these Victorian kits allure you?

Our recommendation:
Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 24 96 Square Foot Greenhouse

The Exaco Junior Victorian Greenhouse consists of a spacious and beautiful glass design. The spacious greenhouse is characterized by luxurious technical features, such as automatic windows and a 4mm thick safety glass. Moreover, the greenhouse has been proven to be snow and windproof.

👍 Advantages

  • Automatic windows
  • Temperature stays consistent
  • Video instructions
  • Beautiful look
  • Lots of space
  • Snow and wind proof
  • Included safety glass is 4 mm thick

👎 Disadvantages

  • More expensive
  • Video instructions lack some information
Our recommendation:
Exaco Junior Orangerie J-ORA 116 Square Foot Greenhouse

The Exaco Junior Orangerie is a spacious and beautiful greenhouse thanks to its T-shaped design. This shape causes a 116 square foot of space between the frames. This greenhouse includes a large bottom frame, sliding door and two roof vents. It also provides hooks for potted plants.

👍 Advantages

  • Beautiful design (T-shaped)
  • Spacious
  • Comes with large bottom frame, sliding door and two roof vents

👎 Disadvantages

  • Takes a few days to put together
  • More expensive

Portable greenhouse kits

Portable greenhouse kits are a budget friendly and compact alternative to glass or plastic greenhouses. Not only can you move them around and find the most sunny spot in spring and a cool spot in summer, you can also take them inside during winter! When we started out in a small apartment in the city, we would use our portable greenhouse kit to grow tomatoes and spices and move it from our balcony to the kitchen. Take a look at our portable greenhouse article if you want to know more!

Our recommendation:
Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse

This budget-friendly mini greenhouse is perfect for indoor or outdoor gardening. It is not the most sturdy greenhouse, so it might be best to use it on a safe patio if used outside and secured with extra zip ties. The clever design of the rolling cart’s wheels allows you to easily move the cart from room to room and also to keep it securely in place by locking the wheels.

👍 Advantages

  • Greenhouse on wheels, also possible to lock the wheels
  • Very budget friendly
  • Easy to put together (30 min)
  • Great for indoor gardening

👎 Disadvantages

  • Temperature gets high quickly
  • Not very windproof
  • Not the most sturdy, extra zip ties might help
Our recommendation:
Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27″ Long x 18″ Wide x 63″ High

This beginner-friendly mini greenhouse is the perfect option for housing with small backyards or patio’s. It is easy to assemble and works the best if secured with some weight at the bottom. This greenhouse holds heat and moisture well and is therefore perfect to protect seedlings from from weather conditions. The roll-up zippered door provides easy access with humidity control by simply opening/closing the zippered front flap.

👍 Advantages

  • Very budget friendly
  • Ideal for small backyards or homes where space is an issue
  • Great for indoor gardening
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds heat and moisture well
  • Great for beginners

👎 Disadvantages

  • Not suitable for ceramic pots
  • Not very wind proof, an extra weight on the bottom might help with securing
  • Needs an extra heat source at night

Mini greenhouse kits

Not quite sure if a greenhouse is your thing? Do you just want to brighten up your balcony or patio with a small greenhouse and grow some spicy peppers or yummy tomatoes? A mini greenhouse kit might be just what you’re looking for! A low investment and still the chance to grow fresh vegetables. And who knows, maybe you’ll love it and soon be on the lookout for a bigger model!

Our recommendation:
IKEA Greenhouse, Indoor/outdoor, White

This Ikea greenhouse is an easy to assemble and budget-friendly option for smaller plants. The polycarbonate panels provides indoor protection against pets. The roof vents can be placed in a halfway open position to allow air to circulate. Not the best design to keep in humidity, but the greenhouse maintains a decent amount of heat for the plants.

👍 Advantages

  • Budget friendly
  • Great for indoor gardening
  • Easy to assemble (10 min)
  • Perfect protection against pets
  • Cute design

👎 Disadvantages

  • Not waterproof, needs protection if you want to use it outside
  • Not easy to move

Product unavailable.

Our recommendation:
Mcombo Greenhouse Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

The Mccombo Greenhouse is a cute, wooden greenhouse that can be used inside or outside on the patio. It is not waterproof or windproof, so it’s best to provide extra protection when used outside. The asset of this greenhouse are the adjustable shelves and the magnetic close doors that provide enough space and protects against pets.

👍 Advantages

  • Budget friendly
  • Great for indoor gardening
  • Easy to assemble (10 min)
  • Decent quality
  • Magnet close doors
  • Shelves are easy to adjust in height
  • Perfect protection against pets
  • Easy to move around

👎 Disadvantages

  • Not waterproof, needs protection if you want to use it outside
  • Not windproof