best 8x12 greenhouse backyard palram glory hobby greenhouse

Do you have a big backyard that feels a little empty? Have you outgrown your mini greenhouse or 4’x6’ greenhouse? Are you a go big or go home kind of person? An 8’x12’ greenhouse feels like a true indoor garden. It will offer you plenty of room to decorate, put in shelves, hanging plants and maybe a little reading corner, surrounded by greens. Sounds good? We think so!

We have recently switched from a 6’x8’ greenhouse to an 8’x12’ greenhouse and boy are we loving it! We have moved our plants from the small greenhouse to the big one and we realized we still had so much room for extra plants, vegetables and fruits. Yay! Are you still wondering whether or not a greenhouse is the way to go for you? We’ve listed why we love greenhouse growing.

Advantages of an 8’x12’ greenhouse

  • Your plants will have room to grow! In smaller greenhouses you may need to trim your plants or limit their growth, while in an 8’x12’ greenhouse there’s no stopping your tomato plant or citrus tree.
  • An 8’x12’ greenhouse offers more than enough room to comfortably work and repot plants. Install a workbench and get your hands dirty. No ducking or tiptoeing from one side to the other!
  • How about a little sitting corner? You don’t need much room, put in a comfortable chair and a tiny coffee table just big enough for a cup and a book or magazine. Enjoy the warmth and earthy smell. Especially during spring and fall, a greenhouse can give you that warm summer feeling. I prefer a chair made out of wicker, as many fabrics won’t be able to handle the humidity in a greenhouse (take a look underneath to see my favorites).

best 8x12 greenhouse backyard palram four seasons hobby greenhouse

The best 8’x12’ greenhouses

1. The Palram Four Season Chalet Hobby Greenhouse

This is the ‘creme de la creme’ of 8’x12’ greenhouses and one of our favorites. It comes with roof vents, a galvanized steel base and lockable double doors. It has a high-quality finishing and a beautiful design, perfect as a stylish addition to your backyard. The installment of this greenhouse is not easy, we’re not going to lie to you. But when you carefully follow the instructions and you start setting up on a windless day, the reward will be great. It might be a good idea to sturdy up the panels and doors, just to make sure it will withstand harder winds. When you’ve finished the installation, you will enjoy this greenhouse for many years!

2. Monticello 8’x12’ greenhouse

The Monticello greenhouse is a beautiful, strong greenhouse. It comes with two roof vents, lockable double doors and an integrated dual rainwater system. The Monticello greenhouses are made in the USA and are heavier than the average greenhouse, for added stability. Like all greenhouse assemblies, this one can be quite challenging. Try to engage another person to help you (reward them with cake or cookies) and take the time to really lay out all the parts and carefully follow the plan.

It’s definitely not the cheapest greenhouse, but a greenhouse is a long term investment. We feel that the Monticello greenhouse puts their money where their mouth is. Want to learn more about Monticello greenhouses? Take a look at our Monticello review article.

3. Palram Glory Greenhouse

The Palram Glory is one of our favorites in more categories than just the 8’x12’ greenhouses. It comes in many different sizes, from 8’x6’ up to 8’x20’. This premium greenhouse offers a reinforced, extra-thick, non-rusting aluminum structure to withstand weather conditions. The polycarbonate panels have frosted glazing to divide the sunbeams evenly through the greenhouse. This greenhouse comes with anchors, automatic vent openers and plant hangers (although you may want to get more than the 10 that are included). We have written a detailed review about the Palram Glory, take a look!

8’x12’ greenhouse accessories

1. Reading corner

Do you also want to install a little reading corner in your greenhouse? Here’s some of our favorite decorative furniture that fits perfectly in a greenhouse. Create a me-time haven, have a sip of coffee (or wine) and breathe in the smell of wholesome plants.


This chair is one of my personal favorites, it’s so pretty and comfy, it instantly relaxes me. We’ve only owned this for a couple of weeks, so we need to see if it withstands the humidity in the greenhouse. This is however patio furniture so we expect it to last, even in a greenhouse. Make sure you take the cushions inside when you leave!

What’s not to like about this one? Budget friendly, beautiful design and supercomfy (although we suggest adding a cushion here and there to make it even more comfortable).

Another favorite! Beautiful chair and oh so comfy. We love the design of these hanging chairs. Assembly is easy and the chair is sturdy. Compared to other egg chairs, this one is very affordable. This chair can be placed both inside and outside, so definitely suitable for a greenhouse!


These tables are suited for outside (and greenhouse) use and have the perfect size to hold a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

2. Shelving

When decorating your greenhouse, good shelving can save you a lot of space and is the perfect way to group your plants. Want to learn more? Take a look at our article about greenhouse shelving!

Here are a couple of our favorite shelves for 8’x12’ greenhouses!

What do you think? Is an 8’x12’ greenhouse your next investment? Are you ready to enjoy greenhouse growing? Let us know what your favorite greenhouse is!