janssens orangerie modern greenhouse outside at night

By now you probably already know that we love greenhouses. But one of the cool things about greenhouses is that there’s a perfect option for every backyard. Whether you like your backyard modernly decorated or classic English, there’s a perfect greenhouse for every backyard.

Take a look at our favorite greenhouses and get inspired!

Greenhouses for modern backyards

A modern backyard is characterized by clear lines and smooth transitions. A perfectly maintained lawn, wood and stone accents and industrial ornaments. Plants are placed in schemes and bamboo and ferns offer a great balance between elegance and modernism.

Whether you want to build a place to grow vegetables, maintain your outside plants during winter or just to chill, there’s sure to be an option perfect for your modern backyard!

Photo by Studio Shed – Live Large. Build Small.

patiolife garden igloo backyard greenhouse
Photo by Patiolife Igloo
Photo by Patiolife Igloo

Greenhouse for English style backyards

Since greenhouses originated in England, most designs match perfectly well in an English garden. Especially the Victorian greenhouses create an extra air of British class. An English backyard consists of perennial plants (it looks different in every season), beautifully trimmed hedges, little brick paths and many, many, many flowers.

In an English garden every little bit of space is used to grow. The original English greenhouses were made out of glass, but now there are many polycarbonate (and thus more budget friendly) options to be found on the market.

Check out our favorites:

exaco victorian vi34 greenhouse
Photo source: Exaco
hartley botanic victorian terrace glasshouse greenhouse
Photo source: Hartley Botanic
hartley botanic inside victorian gallery greenhouse
Photo source: Hartley Botanic

The perfect greenhouse for a small backyard

If you think growing vegetables and herbs in a greenhouse is only for people with big backyards, we’re here to prove you wrong! Whether you have a patio or a small backyard, growing vegetables can work for everyone, you just need a bit of creativity!

When you’re going for a small greenhouse, you need to think about what spices and vegetables you want to plant. No need to tell you that pumpkins and watermelons might not be the best fit for a small space. Small greenhouses are perfect for growing herbs and spices (oregano, basil, mint, spicy peppers…) and fruits and vegetables that need a warmer climate and can’t grow outside. We have grown tomatoes, eggplants, beans and strawberries in a small greenhouse. These plants love the protection and warmth a greenhouse offers and it gives them a much higher chance of surviving!

wooden greenhouse for plants and vegetables

vitavia ida lean to greenhouse
Photo source: Vitavia.com

Greenhouse for big backyards

When you have a big backyard, the sky’s the limit when it comes to greenhouses. If you’re looking for an eyecatcher, Victorian greenhouses might be just the thing for you. These classic, English greenhouses bring a luxurious feeling to your backyard. Not only can you use them to grow plants, flowers and vegetables, you can also create a little reading corner to enjoy the warmth during fall or spring.

Do you have a more modern taste? Go for a beautiful aluminum greenhouse with high glass walls and strong edges.

exaco junior orangerie victorian glasshouse beautiful backyard greenhouse
Photo by: Exaco

janssens orangerie modern greenhouse

janssens orangerie modern greenhouse outside at night

Greenhouse for DIY backyards

Are you quite the crafts(wo)man? Do you walk around with a hammer in your backpocket and a screwdriver in your hand? Have you single handedly redecorated your home? Then get inspired by these beautiful DIY greenhouses.

Whether you go for a simple model or a fancy backyard greenhouse, you’ll find tons of DIY manuals online. The biggest advantage of building your own greenhouse is the freedom it gives you. You’ll build the exact size that fits your backyard and decorate it according to your taste.

Take a look at our favorite DIY greenhouses!

beautiful wooden diy greenhouse

diy greenhouse from vintage windows
Photo source: Hometalk.com

Have you found the perfect greenhouse for your backyard? Have you attempted (and hopefully succeeded) to build one of the DIY greenhouses? Let us know!