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If you think growing vegetables and herbs in a greenhouse is only for people with big backyards, we’re here to prove you wrong! We ourselves started growing crops on our city sized balcony and loved spicing up our food with spicy peppers, mint and basil. Let us show you there’s a perfect greenhouse for every space!

Where should you place your small greenhouse?

The general rule of thumb for placing any greenhouse is that it needs to receive as much sunlight as possible. Whether you’re going for an indoor greenhouse or an outdoor one, face it towards the sun. If you worry about your greenhouse becoming too hot, make sure you install a greenhouse thermometer to monitor the temperature and use a shade cloth during extremely hot summer days.

Mini greenhouses

The mini greenhouse is the perfect size for people living in an apartment or smaller house with little or no outside space. A mini greenhouse usually comes in a cute design, so choose one that suits your style! They are made out of wooden or aluminum frames and covered with a polycarbonate (or sometimes glass) cover. You also find mini greenhouses with plastic foil covers, these are usually a little taller with a couple of shelves in them. They can store more plants, but offer less protection so make sure to think about this before you place it outside, especially when it’s subjected to weather conditions. These plastic foil greenhouses are also less of a design addition to your living space, as they have a less fancy finishing.

A big advantage of a mini greenhouse is that you can move it around. You can place it in full sunlight during winter and maybe protect it a little from hot days in summer. You can pick it up and move it to your next place and you can use it as an indoor greenhouse as well as placing it outside.

What can you grow in a mini greenhouse?

While it’s absolutely possible to grow vegetables and plants in a mini greenhouse, we would recommend you to use it mostly for herbs and spices. We noticed ourselves that when we started planting tomatoes, the mini greenhouse soon felt too small, while when we stuck to herbs we would have plenty of room for different kinds. Oregano, mint, spicy peppers, basil, … almost all herbs will do well in a greenhouse and if your mini greenhouse receives enough sun, they will easily survive winter. Fresh spices all year long!

Take a look at some of our favourite mini greenhouses

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Small 6×4 greenhouses

A 6×4 greenhouse is perfect for when you have some outside space you want to dedicate to growing vegetables and plants and you want to have enough room to easily grow some bigger plants. When you are looking for a 6×4 greenhouse, there’s two main types. Either you go for a plastic foil greenhouse or a polycarbonate one with aluminum structure. Both offer some advantages and disadvantages, so base your decision on what it is you’re looking for.

A plastic foil greenhouse is the more budget friendly option, but will offer less protection against weather conditions and has a shorter lifespan. This option is also not the best choice if you’re planning on heating your greenhouse during winter. As the plastic foil is so thin, all the heat would flow right out of your greenhouse. If you want to be able to move your greenhouse around or you want to use it mainly during spring, summer and fall, this is the right pick for you.

A polycarbonate 6×4 greenhouse will offer you a lot more possibilities, as the insulation is better and more efficient. It’s a steady structure and should last you many years. They are priced a little higher, but will give you the opportunity to grow almost everything and keep using your greenhouse all year long.

Before you decide on which greenhouse is the best fit for you, make sure to consider your budget, climate, the kind of plants you want to grow and whether or not you want to be able to use it during winter.

Our best 6×4 greenhouse picks

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Small 6×8 greenhouses

Most of what we said in the 6×4 greenhouse is also applicable to the 6×8 greenhouse size, although you will have more options to choose from, especially in polycarbonate. There might be even some small glass greenhouses available in 6×8.

When you’re going for a 6×8 greenhouse you will have loads of room to grow your plants. It’s the perfect size when you want to get started with a decent size greenhouse, without it taking up too much space in your backyard.

Take a look at our tips on the 6×4 greenhouses to decide which material suits you best. If you are considering a small glass greenhouse, it’s good to know that while this is aesthetically definitely the prettiest option, it’s also more expensive. These greenhouses are a beautiful addition to your backyard and their durability is even better than polycarbonate. If you are willing to spend a little more, this might be a perfect option for you!

Our favourite 6×8 greenhouses

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I hope we’ve shown you that there’s a perfect greenhouse for every space. Still in doubt whether a greenhouse is the way to go? Let us convince you to start greenhousing today!

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