rion ecogrow 2 greenhouse in garden to grow vegetables year round

Are your fingers twitching to start growing vegetables but do you still need a little nudge to take the plunge? Read this article and we bet you’ll be installing your 6×8 greenhouse right away!

Advantages of a 6×8 greenhouse

  1. It’s budget friendly. 6×8 greenhouse kits are very affordable. A polycarbonate greenhouse with aluminum frames is available as of $450. A more luxurious edition, with for example automatic vent openers, will be available at about $700.  A small investment for many years of fresh vegetables, right? Take a look at our favorite 6’x8′ greenhouses underneath!
  2. Release your inner chef! Step into your greenhouse with your basket and start harvesting. Chives, peppers, tomatoes, avocados, eggplants, … We bet your food will taste so much better, knowing you’ve grown these veggies yourself!
  3. 6’x8′ is a perfect size. It’s a great addition to every backyard and offers more than enough room to grow some vegetables and fruits. Add some shelves and maybe a small workbench and get your fingers dirty!
  4. Your kids will start loving vegetables, just like that! Involve them in the growing process and let them plant, water and harvest your crops. Give them a chef’s hat and they are ready to join you in the kitchen and prepare their homegrown vegetables. Your little chefs will be beaming with pride and will love to eat their favorite veggies.
  5. All-season gardening. The greatest joy of greenhouse growing is the fact that even during winter you can enjoy your garden. Add a heater and create a snuggly haven to relax and grow your favorite crops. Many plants can survive winter when they are protected in the greenhouse.
  6. Planet earth will thank you! Greenhouse growing means fewer pesticides, fewer trips to the supermarket and fewer packaging. You harvest just the amount of food you need, so there’s no waste!
  7. 6’x8′ greenhouses come in many different styles and materials! 6’x8′ is probably the most popular greenhouse size, which also means you’ll find a variety of designs and styles to choose from. The most popular greenhouse frames are aluminum. They are strong, durable and available in different colors. Do you want a stylish black design or are you more into a natural green look? Do you like a high-end greenhouse that comes fully decorated or do you prefer to build the shelves yourself? You’re sure to find a 6’x8′ greenhouse kit that fully matches your style and backyard!

greenhouse summer prevent overheating

Which 6×8 greenhouse is right for you?

How do you decide on the perfect 6×8  greenhouse kit for you? Take into account the following factors before you decide:

  • Your climate: when you live in a sunny and warm area, you may want to choose milky panels instead of clear ones. Clear panels will maximize the amount of sunlight coming in, while milky glass can protect your crops from overheating.
  • The color of the frame. Do you have a modern backyard and style? The black aluminum frames have a contemporary look and feel to them. Going for more of a natural look? Green frames will be the perfect addition to your garden!
  • The design and finishing degree. While most 6’x8’ greenhouses come in a rectangular shape, there are some original designs. These will usually come with a higher price tag, but also with a higher finishing degree. Up to you to decide if you are open to a slightly bigger investment for a more high end greenhouse!

Our favorite 6×8 greenhouse kits

1. Palram Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

The Palram Hybrid Hobby greenhouse is our absolute favorite in this category. It’s strong, durable and we like the design. This is a clear glass greenhouse, perfect to capture as much sunlight as possible. Take a look at our Palram Hybrid review to learn more about this model.

Palram - Canopia Hybrid 6' x 8' Greenhouse - Silver
  • TWO PANEL TYPES PROVIDE ULTIMATE BALANCED GROWING CONDITIONS - Virtually unbreakable twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels protect from strong sunlight exposure while crystal-clear polycarbonate wall panels provide over 90% light transmission.
  • STURDY THOUGHTFUL CONSTRUCTION WILL LAST A LIFETIME - Panels block harmful UV rays to protect plants from sun overexposure. The sturdy, oxidation resistant powder coated aluminum frame includes a galvanized steel base to add structural stability.
  • STEP-BY-STEP DIY INSTRUCTIONS DESIGNED FOR HOMEOWNER INSTALLATION - Easy installation accomplished with sliding panels' assembly system. Galvanized steel base includes designated pre-drilled holes for anchoring (anchors not supplied) for additional stability. Single hinged door can be assembled as either right or left hand door to gardener's preferences.

2. Outsunny Polycarbonate Portable Garden Greenhouse

This Outsunny greenhouse offers great value for money. It’s a perfect starter greenhouse and is of good quality for a very attractive price. We wouldn’t recommend this greenhouse for areas with extreme winds. Take a look at our Outsunny review to learn more!

Outsunny 6' x 8' x 7' Polycarbonate Greenhouse Walk-in Plant Greenhouse for Backyard/Outdoor Use...
  • YEAR-ROUND GARDENING: Our Outsunny polycarbonate outdoor greenhouse is the perfect way to stay in the soil all year round.
  • POLYCARBONATE SHEETS: Walk in greenhouse polycarbonate sheets help keep your plants, vegetables, and flowers safe from inclement weather while allowing natural light to pass through.
  • HEAVY-DUTY BASE AND FRAME: The green house is made of a powder-coated aluminum alloy frame that features a galvanized base that provides solid support to the entire greenhouses for outdoors.

3. Palram Mythos Greenhouse

The Palram Mythos greenhouse is very comparable to the Hybrid, but there are some differences. The main one is that the Mythos greenhouse has milky panels, which makes it perfect for areas with high temperatures and lots of sun. The milky panels will protect your greenhouse from overheating.

Palram - Canopia Mythos 6' x 8' Greenhouse - Silver
  • THOUGHTFUL ENGINEERING THAT OFFERS YEAR ROUND PROTECTION - Virtually unbreakable twin-wall 6mm polycarbonate panels provide over 70% light transmission with 100% protection from harmful UV rays.
  • STURDY THOUGHTFUL CONSTRUCTION WILL LAST A LIFETIME - High impact polycarbonate panels, a frame made of powder coated galvanized steel and aluminum work together to create ideal growing conditions. Galvanized steel base with designated holes for anchoring (anchors not included) for additional structural stability.
  • STEP-BY-STEP DIY INSTRUCTIONS DESIGNED FOR HOMEOWNER INSTALLATION - Easy installation using a sliding panel assembly system.

4. Rion Ecogrow 2

The Rion Ecogrow 2 is a beautiful high-end greenhouse. It has an original shape and style and will be a beautiful addition to your backyard. The price is higher than for the Palram and Outsunny, because it’s built out of high-end materials. We love the shape of the roof, it gives the greenhouse a modern and contemporary look.

Rion HG7008 EcoGrow 2 Greenhouse, 6' x 8', Dark Green
  • Heavy duty 100% UV-protected resin frame
  • Easy pin and lock connector assembly - no special tools required
  • 4mm UV-protected twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels provide diffuse light for plants

Have we convinced you to get your very own 6’x8’ greenhouse? Do you have another favorite 6’x8’ greenhouse? Share your experiences with us!