protect greenhouse from heavy wind and storm

Photo source: Allotment & Gardens

If you’re living in an area with harsh wind conditions, you (and your greenhouse) might be used to a storm here and there. However, today we’ve got more named hurricanes reaching the shore than ever. Therefore, it’s of vital importance to protect your greenhouse from heavy winds and storms. Here’s what you can do!

1. Keep the wind out of your greenhouse

Wind almost never goes out the same way it came in. Once the wind gets in, it will force its way out somehow. This means pressure builds up which often results in something breaking. In some cases, the difference in pressure inside and outside your greenhouse might even cause it to lift up!

So the first thing you do is check your entire greenhouse for any possible entrances where the wind could come in. If you’ve got a missing glass pane, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible. You’ve got standard glass sizes at your local glazing company or DIY store. New glass panes often require these W shaped glazing clips, so you might want to get a bunch of those.

If your glass is broken and has cracks, glazing repair tape is what you’re looking for. You can use this type of tape to close any gap that might let the wind in. Also check any rubber glazing strips, your windows and vents if you have any. 

The rules are the same for polycarbonate panels, but these are a bit more sensitive to wind damage than glass panes. Especially the thinner kinds of polycarbonate panels may bend due to a heavy storm. Pay special attention to any holes or cracks and use strong tape to close them. In extreme cases, you can choose to drill holes in the frame at the top and bottom of the panels, fix the holes with brass eyelets and run galvanized wire through it. Tighten the wires by twisting them at the top. This is not a very aesthetic solution, so for polycarbonate panels, we would generally advise to try and shelter them as best as you can (as we describe below).

2. Protect your greenhouse from (identified) flying objects

Better to be safe than sorry! You’d be amazed at how powerful wind can be. And with storms the size we see today, it’s important to tidy everything up around the garden preventively. Even heavy things are dangerous with heavy winds, so tie down large objects such as garden furniture, barbecues, parasols and put away all tools, pots or toys that could be a potential risk.

Preventing things from crashing into your greenhouse is one thing, but you can’t anticipate on tree branches flying around and possibly breaking your panels. If you have the opportunity, physically shield your greenhouse with wooden panes or wind nets. Do you have a shade cloth that you usually use on hot summer days? This can already give your greenhouse an extra layer of protection and is easily removable afterward. Make sure you secure it really well though! 

3. Check your greenhouse when the wind has died down

Have a good look after the wind has died down and check everything for damage or small cracks. If you used any W-shaped glazing clips, make sure they are still in place to avoid glass from breaking. If new storms are coming, temporarily repair anything that might have been broken until you find replacements. Some plastic and tape can go a long way!

We hope these tips help you protect your greenhouse from heavy wind. If you have any additional comments, please let us know below!