greenhouse in garden with vegetables and plants

Are you a greenhouse enthusiast who can’t wait to get his hands dirty? Do you have a greenhouse set up in your backyard but are you just a little unsure how to really get started? Choosing and setting up your brand new greenhouse is the first step, but what’s next? To start growing, you need to decorate your greenhouse. Setting up shelves, deciding on heating systems, ventilation, and getting your greenhouse supplies together.

Here are the must-have supplies to start growing in your greenhouse. Let’s get you on your way!

1. Potting mix

First things first. If you want to start growing seedlings or other potted plants, you’ll need a good potting mix to help your plants grow. Outside soil is not suitable for indoor growing. Potting soil is too heavy to allow plant roots to spread and doesn’t allow water to penetrate the soil all the way to the bottom.

2. Plant pots and trays

Obviously, you’ll need something to put the potting mix into. Hello, plant pots and trays. When you’re planting seeds, you’ll need propagation trays and seed starter trays. When your plants grow, you’ll need plant drain trays to catch excess water. You’ll start by using tiny plant pots and trays, but hopefully, your plants will grow quickly and you can start repotting them into bigger pots. Make sure to purchase both smaller and bigger plant pots and trays to allow yourself the flexibility to give each plant its perfect home. Take a look at our article about plant pots and trays and make a shopping list to collect all your necessary purchases!

3. Heat mats for plants

When you start growing seeds or seedlings in your greenhouse, good heat mats can help the seeds to germinate quicker. Heat mats can be a good (and cheap) alternative for greenhouse heaters. Plant heat mats can be placed underneath your seedling or germination trays and will deliver heat to the soil. Especially at the beginning of the season and in more Nordic areas, these plant mats can extend the growing season and increase the chance of your seedlings to sprout.

Check, check and check? Those are all the basic greenhouse supplies you need to start growing. Are you still decorating your greenhouse? Take a look at our article about greenhouse accessories and decide which extra’s would make your life easier!