palram nature series mythos greenhouse review

In this Palram Mythos greenhouse review, we’ll discuss another Palram bestseller. This very popular model resembles the Hybrid greenhouse strongly. Both the Mythos and Hybrid greenhouse are part of Palram’s Nature series. It comes in all sizes between 6’x4’ and 6’x14’ and has the same characteristics. The biggest difference between the two is the panels. The Hybrid greenhouse has clear panels on the side and milky colored panels on the roof, whereas the Mythos greenhouse consists completely out of milky colored panels.

To decide which greenhouse fits you best, you should think about the amount of sun your greenhouse will get. When you live in an area with a lot of sun and heat, you may want to go for the Mythos greenhouse to protect your plants from overheating.

The most popular one is the Palram Mythos greenhouse 6’x8’.

Palram Nature Mythos Greenhouse Review

Greenhouse assembly

In general, the assembly reviews for this greenhouse are pretty positive. Try to engage a helper to set it up (motivate them with the promise of fresh veggies) and get started. It’s best to lay out all the pieces and pre-read the instruction manual before you start. Then read it again step by step while you’re assembling. Two people should be able to finish setting up the greenhouse in one day (the manual suggests 4 to 5 hours but that’s a bit optimistic).

You’ll find Palram greenhouse assembly instructions right here on the Palram Applications website and here’s a quick video on how to set it up.

This greenhouse doesn’t come with a floor so it’s important to prepare the ground where you’ll set it up. Palram recommends foreseeing a concrete floor. If that’s not possible, make sure the base you use for your greenhouse is flat and secure.

Greenhouse durability

This is a strong greenhouse. It has been reviewed to survive harsh winters, snowfall and heavy rains. Your plants will be protected and safe during any winter or summer storms and this greenhouse should last you many years. Especially compared to other small greenhouses, the Mythos is a lot more robust and the panels are virtually unbreakable.

Greenhouse temperature

The Palram Mythos greenhouse has milky panels to prevent it from overheating, so even in a sunny area or during a hot summer, this greenhouse is pretty well protected. It also comes with a vent to let in some fresh air, make sure to use this on sunny, warm days! It has proven to maintain a steady temperature during winter, especially when you add heating or insulation layers.

Palram Mythos greenhouse: conclusion

You can’t go wrong with this greenhouse. It’s pretty easy to assemble and very durable. It survives both winter and summer storms and will last you many years. The milky panels offer sun protection for warmer climates or southern yard spots. The many size options will help you find a perfect fit for your backyard!

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