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When you’re deciding which greenhouse to buy, we understand the brand is one of the factors that will influence your final decision. At Greenhouse Hunt we always try to stay objective as to give you the best possible information. We offer many different brands in our favorite products and have always stayed away from creating specific brand reviews.

However, we also feel it’s important to guide you through the different brands and share our experiences and insights with you. You will find all our brand reviews here. If you would like to share any experience with Palram Greenhouses or other brands, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

We’ve decided to start with a review of the Palram greenhouses because they have a big range of greenhouses to fit just about every need. We have used and enjoyed many of them over the years. One of our favorite things about Palram greenhouses is diversity. We love it that they make budget-friendly options as well as big and more expensive greenhouses. We’ll walk you through the different sizes, products and accessories to help you gain more insight into the different types.

Palram greenhouse sizes

Palram greenhouses start at 6’x4’ and go all the way up to 8’x20’ for diehard greenhouse enthusiasts. They offer just about every standard size and guarantee you will find a greenhouse for your needs. They also carry a commercial greenhouse covering range, but we won’t be talking about that here as we’re targeting hobby greenhouse gardeners on our blog.

If you’re still trying to decide which size greenhouse you need, take a look at our greenhouse size article, we’ll help you figure it out!

Let us give you an overview of which models are available in each size. We’ll review the most popular models later on.

Palram greenhouses 6’x4′ to 6’x14′

Palram Ecogrow
Palram Glory
Palram Harmony
Palram Hybrid
Palram Mythos
Palram Snap and Grow

Palram greenhouses 8’x8’ to 8’x20’

Palram Balance
Palram Bella
Palram Essence
Palram Grand Gardener
Hobby Gardener
Palram Octave
Palram Prestige
Palram Snap and grow


Next to the standard size greenhouses, there are also some special shapes and forms to consider. Palram offers lean to greenhouses as well as an octagonal greenhouse (the Oasis).

Let’s take a look at the most popular models.

Best Palram greenhouse series

Many Palram greenhouses are a lot alike in quality, materials and finishing. However, they also offer some more Premium greenhouses, like the Palram Glory range. In our experience, Palram guarantees a certain steady quality that is found in all their greenhouses. However, the series do differ in shape, size and finish. Pay attention to the details to make the right decision!

Palram greenhouses generally receive very good reviews online and are sold in many, many stores worldwide (both online and offline).
One of the most heard critical reviews is that Palram greenhouses aren’t very easy to assemble. We can understand where this is coming from, but it also depends on what you’re expecting. When you’re assembling a greenhouse, you should expect to spend a full day and have at least 2 pairs of hands to finish it. Reading the instructions before you start and getting to know the different bits and pieces has also proven to gain us some time.

We will try to give you a price indication for the different series based on a 6’x8’ greenhouse, but these prices can vary so make sure to check the current price for your favorite product.

1. Palram Hybrid Greenhouse

The Palram Hybrid greenhouse is one of the most popular Palram greenhouses. It has a rectangular shape and comes in no less than 6 different sizes and 3 different structure colors. There’s a Palram Hybrid greenhouse of 6’x4’ all the way up to 6’x14’. No matter how big your backyard is, you should be able to find the perfect size for you.

As all Palram greenhouses, the greenhouse is stern and consists of two types of glazing for balanced light exposure. The panels of this greenhouse are made out of clear glass. This is perfect when you live in a more cloudy climate and want to maximize the amount of sunlight that’s coming in. The aluminum structure can be green, grey, or silver. It has built-in gutters, and a roof vent so you can easily adjust your greenhouse temperature when it gets too hot! The panels are 100% UV protected and will not discolor, fracture or shatter.

A Palram Hybrid greenhouse of 6’x8’ is available for around $ 600 (prices can vary) which makes it a great value for money greenhouse. Be sure to check out our in-depth Palram Hybrid review.

2. Palram Mythos Greenhouse

The Palram Mythos greenhouse resembles the Hybrid greenhouse strongly. Both the Mythos and Hybrid greenhouse are part of Palram’s Nature series. It also comes in all sizes between 6’x4’ and 6’x14’ and has the same characteristics. The biggest difference between the two is the panels. The Hybrid greenhouse has clear panels on the side and milky colored panels on the roof, whereas the Mythos greenhouse consists completely out of milky colored panels. To decide which greenhouse fits you best, you should think about the amount of sun your greenhouse will get. When you live in an area with a lot of sun and heat, you may want to go for the Mythos greenhouse to protect your plants from overheating.

A Palram Mythos greenhouse of 6’x8’ is available as of $525, so it’s usually a little cheaper than the Hybrid series. Be sure to check out our in-depth Palram Mythos review.

3. Palram Lean to Greenhouse

Palram offers a Lean to Greenhouse series. When you are having doubts about whether or not this type of greenhouse is your way to go, take a look at our lean to greenhouse article, to find out the pros and cons of this construction!

The Palram Lean to Greenhouse comes in two sizes, 8’x4’ and 4’x2’. The 4’x2’ is a small addition to your outside wall to host some plants and spices. If you really want to be able to grow vegetables, we would advise you to go for the 8’x4’, this is a decent sized greenhouse. Most features of the lean to greenhouse are similar to the ‘normal’ greenhouses. Strong polycarbonate panels that can resist weather conditions and will stay strong over time, good UV protection and balanced light exposure.

A Palram Lean to greenhouse of 8’x4’ is usually priced around $700.

4. Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse

The Palram Snap and Grow Greenhouse advertises itself as a greenhouse that’s easy to assemble. This greenhouse has a SmartLock™ connecting system developed to allow a fast and easy set-up of the structure. We haven’t used this greenhouse ourselves, but reviews tend to be good. However, it’s still setting up a greenhouse so don’t expect to put it together in half an hour! In general, this is a steady greenhouse that is available in 3 6’ sizes: 6’x8’, 6’x12’ and 6’16’ and 6 8’ sizes, from 8’x8’ up to 8’x32’. The Snap and Grow greenhouse is of the same quality as other Palram greenhouses and has the same polycarbonate panels that are wind and weather resistant.

A Snap and Grow 6’x8’ greenhouse costs about $700, it’s a little more expensive than the Mythos and Hybrid, but you get an easier assembly in return!

5. Palram Glory Greenhouse

The Palram Glory Greenhouse is a stronger, fancier and bigger model than the Hybrid or Mythos series. This premium greenhouse offers a reinforced, extra-thick, non-rusting aluminum structure to withstand weather conditions. It comes in the same sizes as the other greenhouses (6’x8’ up to 8’x20), but it has a higher roof than the other models. The Hybrid and Mythos have a height of 6’10’’, while the Glory is 8’10’ high’, so it has a much more spacious feel when you’re inside. It also gives you the opportunity to stack your shelves higher and use hanging plants without bumping your head. Most other elements are comparable to the other series, but you will see some nice finishing touches that give the greenhouse a more luxurious look. In our opinion, the Palram Glory is an affordable, premium greenhouse. The extra height really adds to how comfortable the greenhouse is.

A Palram Glory greenhouse of 6’x8’ will cost you about $1900. Any other questions? Take a look at our Palram Glory review!

6. Palram premium Rion greenhouses

Rion Greenhouses was acquired by Palram in 2013. When Palram acquired Rion greenhouses, they did a complete review of the product line and improved several features. The roof panels were redesigned for greater flexibility, the window and roof frames were changed from plastic to aluminum and the thickness of the panels has increased for better strength and insulation. Rion greenhouses were already high quality and beautifully designed greenhouses, but took it a step further after they became a member of the Palram family. The most popular models are the Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouse and the Rion Prestige greenhouse. The Grand Gardener comes in 4 sizes, 8’x8’ up to 8’x20’ and is generally reviewed as a strong and steady structure.

The Rion Prestige greenhouse is a premium series, it’s more expensive but beautifully finished. However, if you’re looking for a 6’x8’ greenhouse, you will pay twice or three times as much for this model as you would for another greenhouse of these measurements.

Palram greenhouse accessories

Next to greenhouses (and gazebos, sheds and carports for that matter), Palram also offers a broad range of greenhouse accessories. Take a look at the most popular accessories when you’re buying a greenhouse. Save yourself sometime later on and make sure you make the most of your greenhouse experience. If you don’t know which accessories you need to get started, take a look at our 5 must have greenhouse accessories to help you decide.

The most popular Palram accessories are:

Palram plant hangers

An indispensable accessory for every greenhouse! Use these plant hangers to hang your plants (duh), to support vine crops or attach a shade cloth to the inside of your greenhouse. You can also use them to route cables.

Order a bunch of them, trust us, you will keep finding new uses! If you need any more convincing, take a look at the lyrical reviews (yes, apparently it’s possible to write lyrical reviews about plant hangers…).

Palram greenhouse shelves

Palram Heavy Duty Greenhouse Shelf Bundle (4 Piece)
This Palram shelf bundle is easy to assemble and very strong. If you have the choice, it’s best to install them while you’re setting up the greenhouse. It’s perfectly possible to do it afterward but you won’t be able to set them up in the corners. The shelves also include 3 hangers for plant baskets. Overall these shelves get great reviews and will fit just about any Palram greenhouse!

Product unavailable.

Palram Greenhouse Shelf (2 Pack)
These shelves are great for seedlings and smaller flower pots. They are easy to attach and budget friendly. However, if you’re looking for a strong structural shelve, you’re better to go with the Heavy Duty ones. They fit Palram Snap & Grow, Mythos, Grow & Store and Essence.

Palram greenhouse Shade Kit

This Shade Cloth kit comes with a UV protected shade cloth and 10 plant hangers to attach it to the inside framework of your Palram greenhouse. Protect your plants against overheating and direct sunlight by applying these shade cloths inside your greenhouse.

Palram automatic vent opener kit

This accessory is a great addition to your greenhouse. As the temperature and humidity levels rise in your greenhouse, the vent gradually opens to allow the right amount of airflow into the greenhouse and will close again when the temperature decreases. Install Palram automatic vent opener on your roof vent window for optimal ventilation in your greenhouse.

Palram greenhouse anchor kit

This anchoring kit can be used for your existing Palram greenhouse (Nature, Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Balance and Octave). The Palram anchoring kit allows you to anchor into soft or hard surfaces to provide strong holding capabilities in all kinds of weather conditions.

Palram FAQ’s

How to clean a Palram greenhouse?

To clean a greenhouse, you just need mild detergent and cold, clean water. You don’t want your plants to be exposed to toxins, so don’t use acetone or other abrasive cleaners.

How to heat a Palram greenhouse?

Whether or not to heat your greenhouse, is your decision. If you’re looking for a greenhouse that can grow plants and vegetables all year long, you might want to invest in a greenhouse heating solution. Especially when you live in colder climates, you need to protect your plants and vegetables from frost. Take a look at our greenhouse heating article.

How long will a Palram greenhouse last?

Palram greenhouses consist of high-quality polycarbonate panels and will last at least 10 years. In our experience they will last you longer than that, but you can count on a 10-year quality guarantee.

Check out these review videos

Because we want to share as much information with you as possible, we would like to include some Palram greenhouse reviews from other people. Take a look at the videos below to help you decide and to hear someone else’s opinion!

We hope you found this article helpful. We’ll be looking into reviewing other brands as soon as we can, but we could use your help! Let us know what experience you’ve had with Palram or other greenhouse brands to help us learn more. We like to offer as many aspects as possible for every greenhouse brand.