palram glory greenhouse in garden for review

The Palram Glory Greenhouse is a stronger, fancier, and bigger model than the Hybrid or Mythos series. This premium greenhouse offers a reinforced, extra-thick, non-rusting aluminum structure to withstand weather conditions. It’s made out of polycarbonate panels with frosted glazing to divide the sunbeams evenly through the greenhouse and protect your crops from overheating.

It comes in the same sizes as the other greenhouses (6’x8′ up to 8’x20′), but it has a higher roof than the other models. The Hybrid and Mythos have a height of 6’10”, while the Glory is 8’10” high, so it has a much more spacious feel when you’re inside. Not only are you able to stack your shelves higher, but you can also use larger hanging plants without bumping your head.

In general, the Palram Glory greenhouse is finished with a little bit more luxury. You will see some nice details, such as the possibility to add a lockable door handle and an extra thick aluminum frame. In our opinion, the Palram Glory is an affordable, premium greenhouse. The extra height really adds to how comfortable the greenhouse is.

Palram Glory Greenhouse Review

Greenhouse assembly

This is a high roof greenhouse with thick aluminum frames and panels. Maybe if you’re a weight lifting champion with enormous flexibility, you are able to install this greenhouse by yourself. If you are not, however, you will agree with us that assembling this greenhouse is a 2 person job!

In general, most reviews about the assembly of this greenhouse are very positive. Make sure you lay out all the parts and read the instruction manual beforehand. When you actually start putting it together, it will make a lot more sense and you will already know where you’re going.
There’s no floor included in the greenhouse, so the ground you will place it on needs to be flat and even. Many people will choose to create a concrete base, specifically for greenhouse construction.

The assembly should take you between 6 and 8 hours when you follow the instruction manual. If you do get stuck, you can contact Palram customer support and they will walk you through it. You’ll find Palram greenhouse assembly instructions right here on the Palram Applications website and here’s a quick video on how to set it up.

Greenhouse durability

This greenhouse can withstand almost all weather conditions. It has thick panels and strong aluminum rails. It comes with anchors to secure the greenhouse in the ground, great for places with strong winds. Don’t worry about summer storms or winter snow, your plants will be safe and protected for many, many years.

Greenhouse temperature

The Palram Glory has automatic vent openers included, so you don’t need to worry about the greenhouse from overheating. On very hot summer days, you could add shade cloths to protect your crops.

Some people find it difficult that the vent openers only work automatically and you can’t open or close them manually. This can be an issue during a summer storm where it’s sunny but raining at the same time and you don’t want the rain to access your greenhouse.

However, we still feel that the automatic vent openers are a big advantage. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to open or close the vents and you know the temperature will be controlled, even when you’re not home.

Greenhouse accessories

Automatic vent openers are included in this greenhouse, this isn’t the case in for example the Palram Hybrid or Mythos greenhouse. This extra feature comes with the more high-end finishing of the Glory greenhouse.
It also includes plant hangers, which can be used both for hanging baskets and to attach shade cloths on the inside. We advise you to buy some extra plant hangers and to foresee a shade cloth as well.
Shelves are not included, so you need to buy them separately or build them yourself!

Palram Glory greenhouse: to sum it up

The Glory greenhouse is perfect when your budget allows you to go for a little more comfort. In our eyes, the biggest advantage is the height. It just feels so much more comfortable to move around and gives you the opportunity to add extra shelves and plant hangers to enjoy even more homegrown flowers and vegetables.

When you’re looking for a more premium greenhouse model that still comes at an affordable price, this is the pick for you. The Palram fundamentals of durability and easy assembly, make this an excellent choice for any enthusiastic hobby gardener.

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