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After our first Palram greenhouse review article, we’ve received many positive reactions. As we expected, reading brand reviews really helps you decide which greenhouse to buy. So here we are, off to our second brand review and Monticello greenhouses are our next pick.

These greenhouses are a little more high end than the Palram greenhouses, but you truly receive value for money. Monticello offers a wide range of commercial greenhouses, but also has a great offering for greenhouse enthusiasts. They offer a 10-year warranty on their products, which shows they are designed to last. The Monticello greenhouses stand out because of their sturdy permanent structure, ready to face weather conditions in every state.

Greenhouse sizes

As Monticello offers a wide range of professional greenhouses, their greenhouses are bigger than the Palram greenhouses. They start at 8’x4’ and go all the way up to 8’x24’. When you’re looking for a hobby greenhouse, 8’x8’ is a great size to ensure you have enough room to grow many different plants and still be manageable. 

Still trying to decide the perfect greenhouse size for you? We’ll help you figure it out in our greenhouse size article!

Monticello greenhouse review

Monticello greenhouses are proud to be one of the sturdiest brands on the market. The aluminum is heavier than the average greenhouse structure, to make it withstand harsh winter conditions, such as snow or heavy winds. The twin-wall polycarbonate is 8mm thick, the same thickness as commercial greenhouses. The double-pane windows offer high insulation, to protect your crops from both heat and frost.
Monticello claims to be easy to assemble, but when you take a look at the reviews on the different models they might be overshooting a bit with this statement. These greenhouses are pretty big structures and won’t be set up in a day. Make sure to foresee enough time and a helper to get started. Most people take several days to assembly the entire structure. While they might curse a little while setting up, they all are very pleased with the end result.

Monticello greenhouses are premium greenhouses. When you compare their price to for example Palram greenhouses, you will see the investment is a lot higher. The main reason for the price difference is the high-quality finish and the number of accessories that are delivered in the greenhouse package. They are stronger, have thicker walls and the aluminum structure is heavier. Especially when you live in an area with snowy winters or summer rains, these greenhouses will offer you peace of mind. You never need to worry about your greenhouse withstanding weather conditions, you can sleep soundly through any winter or summer storm. These greenhouses come with a drip irrigation system(with programmable timer), a potting sink, a built-in 2 tier workbench / growing platform, and an interior shade cloth system. You are sure to spend several hundreds of dollars if you need to purchase all this separately.

Monticello offers 4 kinds of greenhouses. Standard, Premium, Mojave, and Growers edition. We will be focussing on the first 2 as the Mojave and the Growers edition is meant for professional growers.

1. Monticello Standard Greenhouse package

The Monticello Standard greenhouse is the Black patio greenhouse. It measures 8’x4’ and has an aluminum, black structure. It has a luxurious and stylish look and feel to it and will be a perfect addition to any patio or backyard. Thanks to the small size, it offers the possibility to enjoy a high-quality greenhouse in a small space.

Like all Monticello greenhouses, it comes with everything you need. This includes a watering system, shade cloths, a potting sink, and growing platforms. It also has a roof vent with the automatic opener to allow fresh air to enter your greenhouse when the temperature is getting too high. The nicely finished double doors are lockable and large enough to comfortably enter your greenhouse.
Make sure you foresee a full weekend to assemble this greenhouse. As we know with Monticello, the assembly is a bit of a struggle, but the finished product is well worth your while!

To me, this truly is one of the most beautiful and best-equipped hobby greenhouses on the market. If your budget allows you to purchase this Monticello Black patio greenhouse, you will not regret it. Whether you’re an urban greenhouse enthusiast or live in the countryside and need a place to let your plants survive winter, this is the way to go. Take into account that while 8’x4’ will allow you to grow some plants, vegetables and/or flowers on a limited space, it might soon feel too small when you have a big backyard. Take a look at the Monticello premium edition for a bigger size!

2. Monticello Premium greenhouse package

The Monticello premium greenhouse comes in 4 different sizes: 8’x8’, 8’x16’, 8’x20’, and 8’x24’. The 8’x8’ is perfect for a medium-sized yard, when you’re looking for a greenhouse with enough space to grow and move around in. The bigger sizes can be categorized as large greenhouses and you’ll need enough room to place one of these if you don’t want to overpower your entire backyard. When you do have the room, the bigger greenhouses are super comfortable and offer you many possibilities. You will be able to grow pretty much anything!
A fun extra in the Premium is that you can expand the greenhouse in 4ft increments. So you can start with a medium-sized greenhouse and as your needs grow, expand to a large one.

The biggest advantage of Monticello greenhouses is that they come fully equipped, including a watering system, shade cloth, a roof vent with automatic opener and even a sink and a workbench. This is pretty much the most complete greenhouse package in the industry. When you’ve set it up, you can immediately start growing!
This is a high-end greenhouse, but in our opinion the price is fair, especially taking into account the equipment that is delivered with the greenhouse. The nice touch of being able to expand is great. Do you have the budget for it and are you willing to invest in a strong and beautifully finished greenhouse? This is the right pick for you!

While setting up a greenhouse is always a bit of a challenge, Monticello offers great customer support. They are available to answer any questions and are known to react promptly if any issues would appear.

We hope you found this article helpful. We’ll be looking into reviewing other brands as soon as we can, but we could use your help! Let us know what experience you’ve had with Monticello or other greenhouse brands to help us learn more.