weatherflow greenhouse weather station

Are you really passionate about monitoring the weather conditions both inside and outside your greenhouse? Do you grow plants that are very temperature or humidity sensitive? Are you a bit of a tech freak who likes to install the best gadgets? A greenhouse weather station is a next level greenhouse thermometer. Not only will it predict weather conditions and tell you the outside temperature, but it will also give you an extremely detailed view of all parameters that could influence your greenhouse and plants.

Weather stations come in all sorts of price categories, from a real semi-professional home weather station that will cost you up to $300 to a basic one for less than $50.

The biggest difference between a $50 dollar weather station and a $300 dollar one? The more high end weather stations will offer you a lot of interesting advantages

  • Solar-powered. Most high-quality weather stations are solar-powered, no need to run electricity cables or replace batteries!
  • E-mail and app alerts. A fancy greenhouse weather station will give you live insights into the circumstances inside and outside your greenhouse.
  • Extensive measurements. The wind direction, the wind speed, humidity, and UV data … The weather conditions will have no secrets for you anymore!
  • AI. Some of the high-end weather stations will even use AI to optimize and fine-tune weather predictions and accuracy.

We’ll share some of our favorite models with you, in different price classes!

Weather stations under $50

Thermopro TP67 Waterproof weather station

This is a decent weather station for a very affordable price. It generates all the basic information you need to keep an eye on your greenhouse. Inside and outside temperature, humidity, and even basic weather forecasts. The LCD display is easy to read and will give you all the info on one screen. Don’t expect miracles from this model, the more advanced data displayed (such as atmospheric pressure) might not be 100% reliable. This station is easy to install and a good starting point for greenhouse enthusiasts!

Govee Wireless Weather Station

This Govee Wireless Weather station is our favorite model in the under $50 category! The colored LCD display is very attractive and the light is strong enough to read in a dark room but not so strong it’s unpleasant (the brightness is also easily adjustable). Installing it takes only a couple of minutes.

The temperature and humidity information is very accurate and the forecasts are pretty dependable (especially for a weather station in this price category). Honestly, we’ve tried to find critical remarks about this one but haven’t succeeded, it’s an absolute winner in the under $50 category!

Product unavailable.

Weather stations under $200

Ecowitt GW1002 Wi-Fi Weather Station

Looking for an extensive weather station that will allow you to manage your greenhouse like a pro? This Ecowitt weather station is next level! It’s solar-powered and measures wind direction, wind speed, and light and UV data. Obviously it also covers the basics like temperature, humidity, and weather forecasts.

Your console is updated every 16.5 seconds for the most accurate data and connects to an app (available for both Android and iOS) to continuously monitor the inside and outside circumstances of your greenhouse. It comes with a self-emptying rain collector and is easy to install. The only thing you need to know is that you need Wifi for this greenhouse weather station to work!

Product unavailable.

AcuRite 01540M 5-in-1 Weather Station

Another great option for greenhouse weather stations under $200. Easily measure the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction and speed. The attractive color display with adjustable light strength is easy to read and gives you all the necessary information in one glance. All the info is also displayed on an app (available for Android and iOS) to get a live view of the circumstances both inside and outside your greenhouse.

This weather station is solar-powered, so no need to change batteries or plug-in electricity. When you attach all sensors according to the instructions, this is a very reliable and accurate weather station. Definitely a winner, if you ask us!

Weather stations over $200

WeatherFlow smart home weather station

Are you looking for the crème de la crème of home weather stations? Extensive features, high quality materials, easy set up… This one has it all! Next to basic information such as temperature, humidity and wind direction and speed, it’s also solar powered and connects to Wifi and a cool app.

A fun gimmick is that you can see weather stations around the world! The wireless sensors have a huge range(1000+ ft). The reviews for this weather station say it all. Weather geek or greenhouse enthusiast? If your budget allows this purchase, you will not regret it!

Check out the explainer video by WeatherFlow right here: