prepare greenhouse for winter and growing plants

To optimize the use of your greenhouse space, it’s a good idea to think about how you will decorate your greenhouse beforehand. Depending on the available space, the plants you want to grow and your future greenhouse ambitions, you will want to decorate with shelves or even create a little sunroom corner for you to sit in and read a book.

When you’re shelving your greenhouse, the key is space! Don’t overcrowd your greenhouse by putting too many shelves or plants in so you need to crawl from one side to another. Create a little corner for all your seeds and seedlings, shelves are perfect for those as they can be fixed closely together. However, when your plants will start to grow, you will need more room and might need to move them to wider shelves. Make sure you have an area prepared for your growing vegetables where they receive plenty of sunlight and have room to provide you with their yummie fruits.

Slow is the way to go

While it’s tempting to want to put as many plants and shelves as possible in your greenhouse, we would advise you to take it slow and start with a limited number of plants. After all, you don’t want to come to the conclusion that your greenhouse is too small after only a couple of weeks, nor do you want to have to use an axe to wander from one side to the other. Start slowly with some seedlings, some bigger plants and some shelves. While they’re growing it will become clear to you where you need to add more or less shelves and how much room your plants need.

Greenhouse shelves material

Most greenhouse shelves will be made out of metal as this is a sturdy and practical material and is easy to move. Wood, plastic and wire are also materials that are used to manufacture shelves, but are a lot less common. The main reason you would choose wooden, plastic or wire shelves is aesthetics. We would recommend you to go for the metal shelving, as their durability in humid circumstances is great (they are usually protected from oxidation) and they are easy to move around when your plants start to grow. The height and width of these shelves varies, so make sure to measure your greenhouse beforehand and consider that you need some room above the top shelf to be able to place plants on every level. You don’t want your plants to brush the roof of your greenhouse, as this could get too warm and will harm the leaves.

Greenhouse workbench

Another great addition to your decoration is a greenhouse workbench. It will store all your tools for you and will make it much easier to repot your plants without having to spend hours on your knees or hands and feet. Install the workbench close to the entrance of your greenhouse, so you can easily reach it and use it to hold your greenhouse supplies.

Our favourite greenhouse shelves