greenhouse winter insolation with bubble wrap

Both in summer and winter, greenhouses will need insulation to keep a steady temperature. Greenhouses are passive sun gatherers and will heat naturally over summer. During winter on the other hand, your greenhouse will need extra insulation and heating (depending on the climate you live in). Without insulation your greenhouse runs the risk of becoming too hot during summer and too cold during winter. Greenhouse insulation is important to lower your heating costs and will give you a quick return on investment. The most commonly used insulation is bubble wrap, that can be used on the inside or outside of your greenhouse (or both).

Shade cloths

In times with lots of sunshine the temperature of your greenhouse might become too hot for certain plants. If so, it is advisable to install a shade cloth at the inside of your greenhouse. This will make sure your greenhouse temperature is under control and your plants aren’t burning or drying out. There’s lots of different kinds of greenhouse shade cloths, so make sure you choose the right one for your plants or vegetables.

Combine the use of shade covers with the ventilation of your greenhouse through automatic window openers or ventilators to get your plants safely through summer.

Our greenhouse shade cloth picks for you

(choose the right size for your greenhouse):

e-share 40 percent shade cloth black with grommets 12x18e.share 40% Shade Cloth with Grommets 12' x 18'Check price
didaoffle 70 percent sunblock shade net uv-resistant 12x10Didaoffle 70% UV Resistant Shade Net 12' x 10'Check price

Bubble wrap

Depending on the temperatures in your region, it’s important to insulate your greenhouse to protect your plants from frost. Glass greenhouses are a bit more sensitive to frost than polycarbonate greenhouses. If your area has long periods of frost, it is advisable to insulate every greenhouse. The easiest and cheapest way to do so, is using simple bubble wrap. We would advise you to get a role (or more, depending on the size of your greenhouse) right before winter, so you’re ready to take action when the weather man (or your smartphone) predicts frost coming up.

Insulate your greenhouse on the outside, inside or both. When you do it on the inside, your bubble wrap is protected from weather conditions and will last you longer. The downside is that it’s a bit more difficult to get in all the corners and get the bubble wrap attached where it needs to be. Make sure you also make a bubble wrap curtain in front of your door. This will prevent the cold from coming in when you open it.

Best bubble wraps for greenhouse insulation

Double Bubble Reflective Greenhouse Insulation 16" x 125' (166 sq ft roll)Check price
double bubble white concrete insulation for greenhouse 500 sq ft roll 48 inch x 125 feetDouble Bubble White Concrete Insulation for greenhouse (500 sq ft roll | 48" x 125')Check price

Heating and cooling

Insulation will help protect your greenhouse from frost or heat, but it will only get you so far. At a certain point, you might need to add heating in winter or extra ventilation in summer. Take a look at our greenhouse heating tips to get you started.

How to heat your greenhouse like a pro?