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A greenhouse thermometer is a must-have accessory. You’re going to want to follow up on the temperature rises and falls inside your greenhouse. Especially during summer and winter it’s important to know when to lower the temperature or when to heat your greenhouse. The ideal temperature in your greenhouse is determined by the plants you are growing. So make sure you do some research on the perfect temperature for your crops.

Here’s a video that explains the optimal greenhouse conditions:

Temperature is the first factor you need to monitor, but the humidity is a close second. It’s important to know the amount of water vapor in the air as some plants will need a more or less humid environment to grow optimally.

Luckily both of these are easy to measure, all you need is a digital greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer!

The best greenhouse thermometers and hygrometers

We recommend you to buy a wireless min/max digital thermometer. This greenhouse thermometer will tell you the minimum and maximum temperature of a certain timeframe (usually 24 hours). This allows you to keep a close eye on the temperature inside your greenhouse. Depending on your climate, there’s a huge difference between a sunny day and a chilly summer night. That’s why a good insight in the highest and lowest temperature is essential.

While you can go for a traditional, analog model, we suggest you go for the more advanced digital thermometer. It will give you a lot more options on monitoring the correct temperature and will make your life so much easier. While a traditional thermometer might be cheaper, we feel it’s definitely worth the investment to go for a digital model.

Another big benefit of the digital thermometer is that it’s usually combined with a hygrometer, so you won’t have to invest in two separate measuring devices. Temperature and humidity monitoring are neatly collected into one display. It just takes a daily check to see whether the conditions in your greenhouse are ideally for your veggies and plants to grow.

The good news is that these digital greenhouse thermometers are very affordable. You’ll find a basic one for around $10, so there’s really no good reason not to invest in one!

Whether you have only a small greenhouse with a handful of herbs and vegetables or you’re a genuine pro greenhouse king or queen, a digital thermometer & hygrometer is a necessity.

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Some of our favorite digital thermometers and hygrometers

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