In short… Yes! Especially during summer it’s important to pay attention to the temperature of your greenhouse. When you have a greenhouse in glass or polycarbonate, ventilation is needed to prevent overheating and the greenhouse becoming too humid. The easiest way to ventilate your greenhouse is by opening the windows or doors by hand, but you can also install a hydraulic system that opens the windows automatically. You can get these systems are pretty cheap and they are easy to install. They will open the windows when the temperature rises above a certain level and will close them again when the temperature decreases.

If you are working with skylights, it’s best to place them on the east side of the greenhouse, not subjective to the cold Northern wind and rain. During winter your greenhouse also needs ventilation, but then it will be mostly to prevent the humidity and should be done for short periods of time, while the sun is shining.

Tunnel greenhouses will automatically have a little wind flowing through, as they are not insulated as strongly as a glass or polycarbonate greenhouse.

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