Does a greenhouse need a heater to make sure you can keep growing in winter? There’s no simple answer to this one as it largely depends on the climate you’re in. If you’re in an area with lots of frost and snow and you want to keep growing vegetables or plants you will need a heating system to keep the frost outside.

Make sure your greenhouse gets lots of sunlight, as this will heat up your greenhouse (also during winter) and will make the extra heating less necessary on sunny days. When you’re in a more moderate climate and there’s no or hardly any frost or snow, you can probably go without heating. In any case, whether you will use a heater or not, it’s always a good idea to insulate your greenhouse. When you heat it, the heat will be kept in the greenhouse more efficiently and without heating you can win a couple of degrees. The best thing to do is install a good thermometer in your greenhouse and check when you think it might be getting too cold. There are definitely some good value for money hobby greenhouse heaters on the market.

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