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Nice to meet you! We’re happy you found your way to our blog about our favourite hobby. ‘We’ are Isabel and Stan, a couple of thirty somethings who both work in graphic design. We love travelling, hiking, cooking and meeting new people. Right now it’s just the two of us, but soon our baby boy will make his way into the world and join our little family. We hope our blog can give you inspiration on growing your own vegetables and discover the joy of fresh veggies all year long!

When we first started greenhousing we mostly did it for the joy of gardening. We love having people over and cooking them a nice dinner. We also love just roaming around the kitchen and trying out new ingredients. Our first herb garden was located on our city apartment with only a few small plants and we used it to spice up our food. It gave us a lot of satisfaction to use those self grown ingredients and it made our food taste even better. Both having an office job and spending a lot of our time indoors, it was great to be able to garden a little bit during our free time.

When we moved to a house with a garden, we wanted more of this joy and decided to set up our first small greenhouse. Growing salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables and serving them to our guests (and ourselves) we started looking up more information on how to grow more of our own vegetables and how to get more use out of our tiny greenhouse. We found so much information online on a lot of different websites and got confused on where to get started. After a while we became accustomed with all the possibilities of greenhouses and started this blog.

Right now we have a large greenhouse and provide ourselves with our own homegrown fruits and vegetables almost year round and we want to share our information with you and help you discover the joys of cooking with your own ingredients. This blog is a work in progress and we will keep adding new information and inspiration to it. We hope you too will discover the fun of growing your own ingredients in your garden.

Why everyone should start greenhousing today