Greenhouse insulation

Both in summer and winter, greenhouses will need insulation to keep a steady temperature. Greenhouses are passive sun gatherers and will heat naturally over summer. During winter on the other hand, your greenhouse will need

The joys of a portable greenhouse

When you’re looking for a budget friendly and compact alternative to a glass or plastic greenhouse, a portable greenhouse kit might be exactly what you need! In general there are 2 types of portable greenhouses:

Best glass greenhouses

Greenhouses originated in Great-Britain and especially in England, a greenhouse has become a commodity. Due to the cold weather, the Brits have been using greenhouses for many decades to be able to grow vegetables all

Indoor greenhouses

You may think you need a yard, balcony or patio to enjoy the pleasure of homegrown plants and vegetables? Think again! Thanks to indoor greenhouses, you can still grow plants, vegetables and flowers within the

Best lean to greenhouses

What is a lean to greenhouse? A lean to greenhouse is a greenhouse that is built against the side of another structure. This means it has 3 walls of its own and shares one wall

Wooden greenhouses: a natural look

Wooden greenhouses are unfortunately becoming more and more rare and are often replaced by aluminum greenhouse structures. I’m personally a big fan of the natural look of a wooden greenhouse, but we can’t deny aluminum